Where I play

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Preferable areas to play

I am flexible and I can play anywhere in my region


Male | 35yo | 68 Kg (149.91 lb) | India

I like tennis very much..I am looking for a partner to play with me...


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  • NTRP 3.0
  • Plays Right Handed
  • Experience less than a year
  • Current frequency More than once a week
  • Competitions None


  • Meetups & social hitting YES
  • Training YES
  • Sparring (NTRP) 1.0 - 7.0

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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#Tennis playerPlayedWonLost% WinsPoints
1Ace Labuac's avatar Ace Labuac [PHL] 3.5 M/T 1712571143.7
2Tom Foley's avatar Tom Foley [IRL] 3.5 M/T 12755851.0
3Charlie Cheng's avatar Charlie Cheng [PHL] 3.0 M/T 7344339.7
4Shahzad Alam's avatar Shahzad Alam [GBR] 3.5 M/T 4317538.0
5Manish Chandna's avatar Manish Chandna [IND] 3.0 M/T 4225034.7
6Ahmed Zaghal's avatar Ahmed Zaghal [JOR] 3.0 M/T 11291834.1
7Aneesh NR's avatar Aneesh NR [IND] 3.0 M/T 4225031.9
8Akoijam Korounganba's avatar Akoijam Korounganba [IND] 3.0 M/T 22010027.8
9Jurie Venter's avatar Jurie Venter [ZAF] 3.0 M/T 3123327.3
10Azim Sayed's avatar Azim Sayed [EGY] 3.0 M/T 6243327.3
11Adil Moos's avatar Adil Moos [IND] 3.5 M/T 4317526.6
12Ahmed El Sherif's avatar Ahmed El Sherif [EGY] 3.5 M/T 5142016.8
13Govind Singh's avatar Govind Singh [IND] 3.5 M/T 11010013.3
14Mohamad Hammoud's avatar Mohamad Hammoud [LBN] 3.5 M/T 2115012.4
15Sergey Tsymbalov's avatar Sergey Tsymbalov [KAZ] 4.0 M/T 11010012.1
16Daryl Puyaoan's avatar Daryl Puyaoan [PHL] 3.0 M/T 2115011.4
17Vishal Suresh's avatar Vishal Suresh [IND] 3.5 M/T 11010010.0
18Vipin Peter's avatar Vipin Peter [GBR] 3.5 M/T 312339.0
19Rob Kistner's avatar Rob Kistner 3.5 M/T 1101005.5
20Sam Edirisinghe's avatar Sam Edirisinghe [LKA] 3.0 M/T 1101005.5

My Matches

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11 May 18Aneesh NR  [IND]  Aneesh NR's avatarVSAkoijam Korounganba's avatar  Akoijam Korounganba  [IND]Men's Singles IntermediateOutdoor HardL 1-6 2-62.8
4 May 18Aneesh NR  [IND]  Aneesh NR's avatarVSGovind Singh's avatar  Govind Singh  [IND]Men's Singles IntermediateOutdoor HardL 1-6 0-62.8
4 May 18Ahmed Ali Shahul  [IND]  Ahmed Ali Shahul's avatarVSAneesh NR's avatar  Aneesh NR  [IND]Men's Singles IntermediateOutdoor HardW 2-6 0-612.1
28 Apr 18Aneesh NR  [IND]  Aneesh NR's avatarVSManish Chandna's avatar  Manish Chandna  [IND]Men's Singles IntermediateOutdoor HardW 6-3 6-214.3
20 Apr 18Jurie Venter  [ZAF]  Jurie Venter's avatarVSAneesh NR's avatar  Aneesh NR  [IND]Men's Singles IntermediateOutdoor HardW 4-6 0-614.5

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