Where I play

Lagos - Nigeria

Preferable areas to play

I am flexible and I can play anywhere in my region


Male | 33yo | 62 Kg (136.69 lb) | Nigeria

Am not very good but am very ok, not so good with back hands but it is not my weakness or could be used against me, am very good with volleying, rallying and jumping to pick high balls, yet have never played basketball, am equally good at approaching balls at net level and finally an entertaining doubles player too.


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  • NTRP 3.5
  • Plays Right Handed
  • Experience 3-5 years
  • Current frequency More than once a week
  • Competitions Some


  • Meetups & social hitting YES
  • Training YES
  • Sparring (NTRP) 2.0 - 7.0

Lagos - Nigeria

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1Olukayode Ifeajika's avatar Olukayode Ifeajika [NGA] 3.0 M/T 00000.0
2Chinedu Odi's avatar Chinedu Odi [NGA] 4.0 M/T 00000.0
3Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [NGA] 3.5 M/T 00000.0
4Boluwatife Lawal's avatar Boluwatife Lawal [NGA] 3.0 M/T 00000.0
5Victor Daji's avatar Victor Daji [NGA] 3.5 M/T 00000.0
6Okagu Chijioke Joseph's avatar Okagu Chijioke Joseph [NGA] 3.0 M/T 00000.0
7Babatunde Quadre's avatar Babatunde Quadre [NGA] 3.5 M/T 00000.0
8Adedapo Adebayo's avatar Adedapo Adebayo [NGA] 3.5 M/T 00000.0
9Olukayode Ifeajika's avatar Olukayode Ifeajika [NGA] 3.0 M/T 00000.0
10Babatunde Olujobi's avatar Babatunde Olujobi [NGA] 3.0 M/T 00000.0

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