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As a player, you can...

Play tennis, meet people

Connect with friends or players nearby. Play tennis for fun or challenge players to a match with score.

Manage groups & competitions

Manage groups, leagues & tournaments. Invite friends or new people. Stay connected with built-in Messenger.

Book a tennis court

Find a tennis venue near your location. View court calendars and make a reservation online. Quick and easy.

Track performance

Keep history of your tennis activity, track performance over time, view stats, get a tenniscall ranking & more.

What you're gonna get

You can use Tenniscall on mobile or desktop devices.


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Still have questions?

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Tenniscall app is 100% FREE and always will be.

Q: I want to join. How do I do that?

A: The process to join as a player is quick and easy. Signup here and complete your player profile. You will be ready to enjoy Tenniscall in 2 minutes. For better user experience, we recommend you get our app for iOS or Android devices.

Q: I am not sure if I play tennis well enough..?

A: Tenniscall is dedicated to amateur players of any level, from total beginners to advanced. We use the NTRP level system to assess players' skills. So we recommend you select players of similar level when playing matches on Tenniscall.

Q: I just joined. Should I play with my Community or with new people locally?

A: It really depends by your preferences. Some people like to play tennis with friends they know well. In this case, we recommend you setup your Group and play private Ladders and Tournaments. Some other people are more adventurous, and are keen to meet and challenge new players. In this case, we suggest you take part to the City League where you can play open matches in your city.

Q: What is a Tenniscall Group?

A: A group is a particular organization or group of players. At Tenniscall, we encourage members to invite their friends and create their own groups to fully exploit Tenniscall's entertainment potential (setup leagues and tournaments, etc.). Just like groups on WhatsApp and Facebook, Tenniscall Groups can be public or private (invitation-only). Each player can belong to multiple groups at a time.

Q: What's a Tenniscall ranking?

A: Everytime you play a match on Tenniscall, you earn Tenniscall points. Your ranking depends by the number of points you got over a certain period of time. Based on where you play the match, your points will be accounted for your ranking on a regional, national and global level. You will earn points for every match played in City Leagues, Ladders and Tournaments.

Q: How many matches should I play on Tenniscall?

A: It's really up to you. There is no limitation to the number of matches players can play in a month. Some people love to play often, some others don't. If you are a competitive player, we recommend you play as much as you can. The more matches, the more points and better ranking you get.

Q: Where to play and who pays the court?

A: Tenniscall leaves total freedom to players. When you play a Tenniscall match, you and your partner are free to decide the venue, the time and the surface of the match, as well as other details like who pays the court booking price and who brings the balls.

Q: Can I use Tenniscall when I travel?

A: Yes, for sure. Tenniscall is the perfect solution to find tennis partners when you travel for business or leisure. Just use the players search to discover amateur tennis players in your new location.

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