FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

TennisCall is a social-based tennis website. If you are a tennis player and you want to challenge new friends every day, you have found the right place!

You can find players and courts all around the world and show everybody your tennis skills. You can also see your match history and your ranking. Train yourself and be the best player in your city, all for free! We also have a community section on our social media where you can follow the latest tennis updates and join the discussion!

You just have to register on TennisCall, set up your profile with your personal info and start challenging opponents in your region!

Find an opponent, book a court and play your matches giving your best! Try to be the best player in your city or have fun playing social hitting!

TennisCall is completely free. The only thing we want from you is to have a good time and sweat!

No worries, just click on the “FORGOT MY PASSWORD” button on the login page and follow the instructions!

Overview shows you a summary of your activities on TennisCall: matches played, your ranking and so on. Check it out often to study your stats!

NTRP means “National Tennis Rating Program” and it is a self assessment system to classify your tennis playing skill. It goes from 1.0 to 7.0 and you can change it whenever you want by clicking on “PROFILE” then on “MY SKILLS”. You can see a detailed guide on the NTRP system on the “TENNISCALL RULES” page

Sure, just click on the “SETTINGS” button on the menu and then click the “NOTIFICATIONS” button.

Just click on the “MATCH HISTORY” button on the menu.

Just click on the “MY LEAGUE” button on the menu, then select your skill level to see your ranking. Get that racket working, and you’ll be first place in no time!

Yes, you can. If you believe a post contains content that is obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, violent, contains hate speech, or other inappropriate behavior, you can report the post or the player of whom the post belongs to, by sending us a message on our “Contact Us” page.

Yes, you can. To block a user: click on the gear button on the top of the thread you have with that player and then hit "BLOCK USER". The user will no longer be able to send you messages, challenges, or invite you to join a tennis network. To unblock a user, go to Settings > Blocked Users.

As a player, you can take part to 3 types of competitions on Tenniscall: Leagues, Tournaments and City League. The first two types are generally played with friends or people you already know. You just setup your private competition, invite your friends to it and start playing tennis with your group over a predefined period of time. The City League, on the other hand, is an open league in your city where you can challenge anyone to a tennis match without an actual obligation to play (there's no penalty for cancelling or not accepting the challenge). This is a great way to play tennis with new people, make new friends and play tennis at different skills levels.

If you want to know more about our match score types, Tenniscall points and Tenniscall ranking system, please get all the information you need on this page.

Yes, you can, but only in City Leagues (Doubles are not yet supported in MY Leagues and MY Tournaments). REMEMBER: in order to play doubles, you must connect first with your friends as "tennis buddy". Once you're connected to them as "tennis buddy", then you can select one of your friends as teammate to play Doubles.

If you want to setup a Tennis League to play tennis with your friends over a period of time (with leaderboard, scheduled matches, etc.) and act as event organizer, please refer to our Tennis League tutorial here.

If you want to setup a Tournament to play tennis with your friends over a period of time (with draw, scheduled matches, etc.) and act as event organizer, please refer to our Tournaments tutorial here.

Tenniscall is a great way to meet tennis players in new cities when you travel for leisure, work or when you move permanently to a new location. All you have to do is to change your location in Profile > My Location and then check out who's available for a hit or a match in your your new City League. You will be amazed by how easy it is to get to know new people in your new location.

When you play the City League, you can literally challenge anyone suitable to your level. We discourage challenging players that are clearly below or above your level to avoid boring or frustrating matches. In order to send a challenge, visit the profile page of the player you'd like to challenge and hit the "Play Match" button.

Don't worry, TennisCall also allows you to chat and meet tennis players for hitting or training sessions (or playing matches with no final score). Just remember to select "None" as Match Type at My Profile > Preferences so that your name will be removed from the City League leaderboard (and other users won't be able to send you a challenge request).

Yes, sure. Our rules are just common sense, but sometimes it's good to remind some basic rules to make the Tenniscall experience become smooth and pleasant. Please read our guidelines on the Tenniscall rules page before playing.

TennisCall is full of players like you. Just hit the “PLAYERS” button and find who's playing in your region! Being a social-based tennis platform, we are always growing, so check regularly and you'll see new players every day!

Of course, you can. You will be always given the option to cancel, decline a challenge or withdraw from a match even after you've accepted a challenge. In the City League, this action does not entail any penalty. You can manage your open challenges at this page.

After you've accepted and played your challenge, go to Open Challenges > Upcoming, and then hit the yellow button called "Match Score" in the box of the challenge that you've just played. At that point, you'll see a score card popping up on screen. Input the score and hit save.

If your opponent input a wrong score, please go to Open Challenges > Played, locate the challenge you've just played and hit the red-colored Dispute button. At that point, please enter the score into the score card and submit your data. A moderator will look into the issue and settle the dispute after hearing from all players.

Yes. At this moment, Tenniscall supports English and Italian language. You can use the language switch in the footer or just go to Settings > Preferences to select your preferred language.

Simply login your account and go to Courts. The list is inclusive of tennis clubs, academies, and any sports facilities with tennis courts nearby your location. If your tennis club or favorite court is not listed, please let us know by filling the "Add a court" webform. We generally respond within 24 hours.

Sure. Simply login your account and then go to Coaches. The list includes tennis coaches of any gender, age and experience nearby your location. You can filter the search results by gender, age group, tennis level, etc.

If you cannot find your city at Profile > My Location, then please request the addition of your city to Tenniscall here. We generally add new cities in 24 hours.

When you befriend someone on Tenniscall, you become "Tennis Buddy". Tennis Buddies can be added to your team when you play Doubles matches, are listed on your profile page and get direct access to your contact details (phone, email).