Getting started

Based on how you play tennis in real life, you can use Tenniscall in 2 possible ways:

  • if you are a COMPETITIVE PLAYER, use Tenniscall to play matches, build a history, keep track of your results. You can play matches in 3 environments: MY-Leagues, MY-Tournaments and the CITY-League (see below);

  • if you are a NON-COMPETITIVE PLAYER, use Tenniscall to stay connected with other players, meet new people, arrange hitting sessions without points, sparring or training sessions, find tennis coaches, clubs, courts, tennis groups nearby, etc.


If you play tennis with a group of people, you should definitely try MY-LEAGUES. Tenniscall gives you the ability to create and fully manage tennis leagues. A league is an invitation-only tennis event with ROUND-ROBIN format where you and your friends will challenge each other until all matches are completed. Based on the number of participants and matches, leagues may last from one week to up a few months. Tenniscall handles leagues from 4 up to 50 players.

Check it out OR read complete guidelines here.


TOURNAMENTS is an invitation-only tennis event with SHOOT-OUT format (winner moves on to the next round, the loser is out), which is the same format you see in professional tennis (ATP Tour). After the tournament is setup, you can invite any tenniscall user to it. Generally speaking, tournaments require less time than leagues as the number of matches is sensibly smaller for the same amount of participants. Tenniscall handles draws from 4 up to 64 players.

Check it out OR read complete guidelines here.


The CITY-League is an open unstructured tennis league taking place in every city where tenniscall is available. There are no rules, so that players can challenge anyone else in the same city to Singles or Doubles matches, regardless of age, gender or skills. At the same time, there is no obligation to play, so no penalty is applied in case a player decides to cancel, decline or withdraw from a challenge. Use the City-League to get to know new people and broaden your connections.

Check it out here


If you don't like competitions, please change your Game preferences and select "None" in the Match-Type dropdown selector. At that point, other players won't be able to challenge you to matches and your name will be taken off the City-League. Even if you pull out from playing matches, you will still be able to search players nearby, use Messenger to contact players, tennis coaches, etc.


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