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There are many sports booking systems out there. So, what makes us stand out from the rest? Tenniscall is the only booking software integrated with a free social tennis app for amateur players. The integration enables you to better engage with your clients, encourage them to play more matches, join social games, events, leagues and tournaments, and much more. The social engagement will drive participation: your clients play more tennis at your venue and you make more money (more booked hours, lessons, sales at the shop or restaurant, etc.).

Receive online bookings

Put your tennis courts calendars online and offer customers the option to book them online.

Increase revenue / satisfaction

Your clients will play more tennis with the free Players App. They will love it and you will sell more hours, lessons, etc.

Manage calendars online

View and manage calendars from anywhere, with any device. Multi-user management for admins, coaches, etc.

Be visible, attract new clients

Advertise your business on Tenniscall and appear on top of search pages. Win new clients and sell more.


All-in-one tool for managing bookings & calendar events.

Manage Calendars

Create, edit, delete calendar events in one click.

Easy, Fast, Simple

Built for tennis clubs, it perfectly suits your needs.

Fully customizable

Setup your price for each court. Don't lose a dollar again.

Smart Court Pricing

The only booking system combined to the power of a FREE social app for players.

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Your clients will be amazed.
Go social + book online.

Not just a booking system. Tenniscall social app drives customers to play more tennis.

Groups, Leagues,Tournaments manager
Built-in Messenger
High engagement / satisfaction
More hours booked, new opportunities

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"Thanks to a Tenniscall league, we sold 66 extra court hours between May and June and we acquired 3 new club members."
Daniele Bianchi, head coach @ STECAT

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Get all you need in the Starter plan. Manage calendars, reservations and clients. It's 100% FREE!

FREE for a lifetime (*)

Enable online reservations
Manage court calendars
Manage customers, resources
League / tournament manager
Basic reporting

Initial account setup
Free Tech Support
Account Manager
Free Signup


Get all Starter features plus Virtual Wallet. Clients pre-pay court bookings with their coins (credit system).

$5 / court / month (*)

All Starter features, plus..
Virtual wallet
Online payments

Initial account setup
Free Tech Support
Account Manager
Coming soon

Pro Plus

Get all the features of the Pro plan plus CRM tools and Analytics. Maximize your revenues!

$9 / court / month (*)

All Pro features, plus...
CRM tools
Analytics & insights
Advanced reports

Initial account setup
Free Tech Support
Account Manager
Coming soon
(*) No hidden fees, no contract, no credit card needed, cancel anytime.

Still have questions?

Q: We take bookings offline (phone, whatsapp, etc.). Why should we change to an online booking system?

A: There are so many good reasons to manage your calendars online and receive bookings online. The list is endless, but we want you to think about these 3 critical benefits:

1. make more money!

Tenniscall helps you make more money in 3 ways. Firstly, adding a booking system means your customers will be able to view your court calendars online and make a reservation right away when they see an available slot. Your calendar will get filled easily. Secondly, the social features of the Tenniscall app will drive participation. Your customers will play more tennis. This means more booked hours, but also more lessons, food & beverage, shop sales, etc. as a secondary effect from having more people at your venue. Thirdly, as you get your business advertised on Tenniscall, you will get a prioritized view on tennis court searches in your city. This will attract new people, helping you selling new memberships with lots of new business opportunities.

2. work less!

Tenniscall Software is a blessing for anyone working in administration and reception (and even coaches). Your staff will be able to add, modify, delete calendar events in a simple click. Changes are updated in real-time. The edits performed by one user are instantly shared with anyone else within your organization. Lots of processes will be automated: booking notifications, cancellations, booking changes, etc. If necessary, our software will also automatically deliver notifications to staff and players when a booking is confirmed, cancelled or modified. And much more. The time spent by your entire organization to handle calendar related information will drop dramatically and your staff will just focus on their core activities. You will also forget to deal with common admin issues like over bookings, booking limits exceeded, price split for associates / non-associates, and many more. Our software does all that automatically (double booking prevention, etc.).

3. make your clients happy!

By offering an online booking system AND a free mobile app to your clients, you will just make them super happy. Finally they can get to know other club members, chat with each other, arrange hitting sessions, matches or even friendly competitions like leagues and tournaments. Tenniscall is the social tennis app they have always dreamed of. This means your clients will be happier. You will benefit a high customer retention rate as your clients feel they take part to a stronger tennis community.

Q: We already use an online booking system, why should we change?

A: There are several good reason to jump on Tenniscall Software from other online booking solutions, but here are our top five reasons:

1. First good reason … Tenniscall is FREE.

Well.. it’s hard to beat a free service on the price. Despite putting a lot on the table, our software license is unlimited and free of charge. The Starter plan includes all standard features plus technical support, multi-language support and mobile device adaptation.

2. We specialize in tennis only.

Unlike other multi-sports booking solutions, Tenniscall has been specifically designed to respond to the business needs of tennis venues of any size and type. Tenniscall is super easy-to-use and it easily integrates with other software solutions in your company (for accounting, etc.). We thought of everything: online bookings, calendars, pricing, customers management, and more. Tenniscall Software is made by tennis club owners for tennis club owners. We understand what you need.

3. Tenniscall Software is the only booking system integrated with a free social tennis app.

This leads to higher engagement among your clients (they will play more tennis and spend more money at your venue). The integration with a social tennis app drives participation and revenue. You will benefit of a full range of free services like a league and tournament manager, built-in messenger, group manager, and much more to stay connected with your audience.

4. Your business gets advertised for free on the Tenniscall App for Players.

In simple words, you will get new customers from the app. For example, if you have an open facility, anyone from the Tenniscall app will be able to you’re your page and book your courts (or inquire about your services). Your tennis center will have a prioritized view in our app. And even if you are a members-only type of business, your tennis venue will still be advertised on the app and this could drive inquiries for new memberships, etc.

5. Tenniscall can be used together with any software (CRM / billing / ERP / etc.).

Don’t worry if you use other software for billing, CRM or managing your business in general. You can just keep what you have and add Tenniscall on top. Tenniscall can easily fit in your business and it can be used in parallel as calendar / booking management system.

Q: How can I benefit from the Leagues and Tournaments feature?

A: As we all know, friendly competitions drive participation! As a business owner, you can setup a friendly Tenniscall league (or tournament) through the Tenniscall app (matches to be played at your venue within a timeframe) and invite your clients to participate. You can group clients by skills level to make the competition more fun for everyone. Your customers will be encouraged to play regularly and, by doing so, they will book more courts hours. They will be able to send challenges to each other, meet new members and play more matches, improve their game and engage more. A healthy competitive environment means, on the other hand, more opportunities to sell private lessons and other services. For example, if one of your league players has lost a few matches because of a shaky backhand, he could decide to take some private lessons with one of your coaches. The positive effects of increased participation are endless thanks to the Tenniscall Software. The opportunities from higher participation are endless.

Q: I want to get the Booking System without Leagues and Tournaments manager. Can I?

A: Surely you can. The Leagues and Tournaments feature is a free add-on, but you don’t need to use it.

Q: Can other Tenniscall users book my tennis courts?

A: If you allow non-associates players to book your tennis courts, yes, any Tenniscall user will be able to book a court at your facility. Tenniscall is a rapidly growing community with more than 30,000 users worldwide. Your tennis center will have a prioritized view in our app and you will be able to advertise your services to a fast growing audience.

Q: Can I see Tenniscall Software in action before signing up?

A: Sure, you can. Just submit this form and one of our representatives will contact you in less than 24 hours to arrange date/time for a live demo.

Q: I want to signup. How do I get started?

Brilliant, that’s a smart choice! To get started with a FREE Starter plan, just submit this form. It takes a minute. One of our representatives will contact you right away and guide you through the setup of your account. The setup takes literally 10-15 minutes and it will be done through an online meeting (skype / zoom) in screen sharing mode.


Signup to Tenniscall Booking System, add your court(s) and get ready for a change! Not only your customers but anyone from Tenniscall app can book your courts online as they get a prioritized view in our app. Enjoy a full range of amazing features: leagues, groups, tournaments, built-in messenger & more.