Match, Points, Ranking


On Tenniscall you can challenge players of any age, level and gender. You can also organize and play both Singles and Doubles matches. Tenniscall supports Mixed Singles and Mixed Doubles matches:

  • Singles - available in City-League, MY-Leagues, MY-Tournaments
  • Doubles - available in City-League only

In order to play Doubles, you need to select a teammate when sending a challenge request to your opponent. Please remember that teammates can be selected only from your list of Tennis Buddies, so make sure you connect with your friends before playing doubles.


When challenging a Tenniscall player to a match, you have the option to select one of two match types:

  • Best of One - this match is played in one SET only.
    The winner of the match is the player who wins SET-1. Best of One matches can be normally played in less than an hour, so we advise to select this format if you book your court for one hour only.
  • Best of Three (SET 3 = long tie break) - this match is played at the best of 3 sets, being the third set a long-tie break.
    The winner is the player who wins two sets out of three. The third set is a super tie-break. If players get to the third set, the winner of SET-3 (and winner of the match) is the player who gets to 10 points (or higher) first with a 2 points lead over the opponent (for example, acceptable third set results are: 10-0..., 10-5..., 10-8, 11-9, 12-10, 13-11, etc.). This type of match is normally played in less than two hours, so we advise to select this format if you book your court for two hours.
  • Timed Game: this game is played indefinitely until the time unit defined by the players expires (for example, one hour). Points and games are counted in the normal way, but sets are not counted. At the end of the time unit, the final result is defined by the number of games won by each player, and the winner is the tennis player with the more games. A tie is not allowed. In case of a tie (example: 8-8) at the end of the time unit, the last game completed is subtracted from the score (in our example, the final result will be 8-7) and the winner is the tennis player who reached 8 games first.

Tenniscall matches must be played on a regular size court (any surface). Before the match, players should discuss and agree where to play the match and at what time. To facilitate communication between players, TennisCall provides a private messaging system as well as a commenting feature on each Match-up page.


If you use Tenniscall to play matches (City League, MY-Leagues, MY-Tournaments), then you will earn "Tenniscall" points. The points are awarded when the score of your match gets validated by both players (or a group admin). Tenniscall points are given to both winner and loser according to these rules:

  • 1-set match (called: Best of One): 5.0 points for a win; 1.25 points for a loss;
  • 3-set match (called: Best of Three): 10.0 points for a win; 2.5 points for a loss;
  • Timed game: 5.0 points for a win; 1.25 points for a loss.

Basically, the more matches you play (and win), the more points you get. On top of the basic points, you can also get bonus points based on these rules:

  • if you challenge opponents with a high ranking, you get bonus points; the bonus is variable, it's proportional to the ranking of your opponent;
  • when playing 3-set matches, you get a bonus if you win in straight sets (for example, winning 6-2 6-4 gives the winner bonus points for "straight sets");
  • if you win your match by a large margin (ie. game difference, for example, with a 6-0), then you get a special bonus;
  • if you lose a match by a narrow margin (ie. on a tie-break), then you get some bonus points;

IMPORTANT: scores and matches have to be genuine and accurate. Any attempt to file a score for a match that was never played and/or any attempt to repeatedly file wrong results in the system or the practice to use multiple accounts to play "ghost matches" will be penalized and may lead to account suspension.


Based on the amount of points got by each user in a set period of time, the system defines a Tenniscall ranking for each player on a regional, national, global level. You can check your Tenniscall ranking in your dashboard at the Overview page or at the Tenniscall Rankings page.

  • Regional Ranking: calculated on points earned in matches played in a set city/region;
  • National Ranking: calculated on points earned in matches played in a set country;
  • Global Ranking: calculated on points earned in matches played globally.

For any inquiry about the scoring and ranking system, please contact us.