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#Tennis playerLocationPlayedWonLost% WinsPoints
1Sreejith Kairaleesan's avatar Sreejith Kairaleesan [IND] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
2Douglas Parsons's avatar Douglas Parsons [CAN] 4.0 M/T Doha00000.0
3Nisham Ismail's avatar Nisham Ismail [IND] 2.0 M/T Doha00000.0
4Amit Kumar's avatar Amit Kumar [IND] 3.0 M/T Manama00000.0
5Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [IND] 3.0 M/T Doha00000.0
6Anushka De Mel's avatar Anushka De Mel [LKA] 3.0 M/T Manama00000.0
7Rejin S.'s avatar Rejin S. [IND] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
8Syed Ajaz's avatar Syed Ajaz [PAK] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
9Motaz Hussien's avatar Motaz Hussien [EGY] 1.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
10Tanin Sultana's avatar Tanin Sultana [BGD] 1.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
11Aqil Sidhpurwala's avatar Aqil Sidhpurwala [IND] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
12Shakir Dauda's avatar Shakir Dauda [NGA] 3.0 M/T Sharjah & Ajman00000.0
13Joselito Vasquez's avatar Joselito Vasquez [PHL] 3.0 M/T Doha00000.0
14Ibrahims Arandas's avatar Ibrahims Arandas [LVA] 3.5 M/T 9 Doha00000.0
15Pankaj Behera's avatar Pankaj Behera [IND] 3.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
16Zesheng Dong's avatar Zesheng Dong [CHN] 3.5 M/T Dammam00000.0
17Faizal Ali's avatar Faizal Ali [IND] 5.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
18Maryam Alshamsi's avatar Maryam Alshamsi [ARE] 1.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
19Nebojša Kolarov's avatar Nebojša Kolarov [SRB] 3.0 M/T Doha00000.0
20Nabil Noushad's avatar Nabil Noushad [IND] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
21Jaris Nazeruddin's avatar Jaris Nazeruddin [IND] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
22Anael Caneau's avatar Anael Caneau [FRA] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
23Hafees Fraisada's avatar Hafees Fraisada [IND] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
24George Chararas's avatar George Chararas [GRC] 3.0 M/T Al Rayyan00000.0
25Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [GBR] 5.0 M/T Doha00000.0
26Poojitha Lakshman's avatar Poojitha Lakshman [IND] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
27Gwendylmar Gil's avatar Gwendylmar Gil [PHL] 2.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
28Jon Ablaza's avatar Jon Ablaza [PHL] 3.0 M/T Quezon City00000.0
29Collin Ngwerume's avatar Collin Ngwerume [NZL] 2.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
30Jopher Juarez's avatar Jopher Juarez [PHL] 3.5 M/T Doha00000.0
31Ibrahim Abdulaziz's avatar Ibrahim Abdulaziz [COM] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
32Jurie Venter's avatar Jurie Venter [ZAF] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
33Irina Pechernikova's avatar Irina Pechernikova [RUS] 4.0 M/T Doha00000.0
34Aliye ...'s avatar Aliye ... [TUR] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
35Stefan Lindberg Jones's avatar Stefan Lindberg Jones [QAT] 4.0 M/T Al Rayyan00000.0
36Mohammad Alalul's avatar Mohammad Alalul [JOR] 3.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
37Fadi Tayar's avatar Fadi Tayar [SYR] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
38Dave Smith's avatar Dave Smith 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
39Timir Mohammad's avatar Timir Mohammad [DEU] 3.0 M/T Doha00000.0
40Anne Ancog's avatar Anne Ancog [PHL] 1.0 M/T Doha00000.0
41Sandra Batista's avatar Sandra Batista [USA] 2.5 M/T Umm Salal00000.0
42Franz Ronald Catolico's avatar Franz Ronald Catolico [PHL] 4.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
43Martin Tail's avatar Martin Tail [FRA] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
44Cristian Palahang's avatar Cristian Palahang [PHL] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
45Ayman Eid's avatar Ayman Eid [EGY] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
46Faheem Federer's avatar Faheem Federer [MDV] 4.5 M/T 23 Doha00000.0
47Erwin Panilagao's avatar Erwin Panilagao [PHL] 3.0 M/T Doha00000.0
48Mehran Rehaan's avatar Mehran Rehaan [IND] 2.0 M/T Doha00000.0
49Fadey AbiDaoud's avatar Fadey AbiDaoud [CAN] 3.5 M/T Doha00000.0
50Mike Jackson's avatar Mike Jackson 3.0 M/T Doha00000.0
51Aneesh NR's avatar Aneesh NR [IND] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
52Farah Nanji's avatar Farah Nanji 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
53Mohammed Sadiq Khoyee's avatar Mohammed Sadiq Khoyee [IND] 2.0 M/T Doha00000.0
54Muhammed Bin Abdul Kareem Sakeena Kareem's avatar Muhammed Bin Abdul Kareem Sakeena Kareem [IND] 6.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
55Ashvin Beeharry's avatar Ashvin Beeharry 3.0 M/T Doha00000.0
56Sathish Ramar's avatar Sathish Ramar [IND] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
57Kadija Eddahbi's avatar Kadija Eddahbi [FRA] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
58Tiago Negrão's avatar Tiago Negrão [PRT] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
59Ayah M.'s avatar Ayah M. [SYR] 1.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
60Arora Vaibhav's avatar Arora Vaibhav [IND] 1.0 M/T ON - Toronto00000.0
61Sunny Ghosh's avatar Sunny Ghosh [IND] 2.5 M/T Doha00000.0
62Rokaya Dima's avatar Rokaya Dima [FRA] 3.5 M/T Doha00000.0
63Janice Ocanada's avatar Janice Ocanada [PHL] 1.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
64David Merino's avatar David Merino [ECU] 2.5 M/T Doha00000.0
65May Grace Dela Cruz's avatar May Grace Dela Cruz [PHL] 1.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
66Niki Jones's avatar Niki Jones 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
67Reens Lalvani's avatar Reens Lalvani 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
68Gabriel Bontea's avatar Gabriel Bontea [ROU] 3.5 M/T 108 Doha00000.0
69Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [ESP] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
70Ihsan Muhajireen's avatar Ihsan Muhajireen [LKA] 6.0 M/T Doha00000.0
71Rowenda Rosales's avatar Rowenda Rosales [PHL] 2.5 M/T Doha00000.0
72Walid Benzeglam's avatar Walid Benzeglam [LBY] 3.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
73Kan Nac's avatar Kan Nac [IND] 2.5 M/T TX - Houston00000.0
74Ernest Ong's avatar Ernest Ong [SGP] 4.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
75Christina Choufani's avatar Christina Choufani [LBN] 3.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
76Refaat Hussein's avatar Refaat Hussein [EGY] 4.5 M/T 5 Cairo00000.0
77Thanos Kaldis's avatar Thanos Kaldis [GRC] 4.0 M/T Doha00000.0
78Akshay Goyal's avatar Akshay Goyal [IND] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
79Paresh Umrani's avatar Paresh Umrani [IND] 3.0 M/T Doha00000.0
80Joanna Yu's avatar Joanna Yu [CHN] 1.5 M/T Doha00000.0
81Hamid Pierre Ghavami's avatar Hamid Pierre Ghavami [CAN] 3.5 M/T Doha00000.0
82Bashar Al Khalili's avatar Bashar Al Khalili [JOR] 3.5 M/T Doha00000.0
83Jacques H.'s avatar Jacques H. [LBN] 3.0 M/T 5 Doha00000.0
84Umar Zakaria's avatar Umar Zakaria [PAK] 3.0 M/T Doha00000.0
85Tarek El Ghazaly's avatar Tarek El Ghazaly [CAN] 4.0 M/T Doha00000.0
86Amr El Gammal's avatar Amr El Gammal [EGY] 2.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
87Charlie Cheng's avatar Charlie Cheng [PHL] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
88AJ MEYLÉ's avatar AJ MEYLÉ [FRA] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
89Dave Skuck's avatar Dave Skuck 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
90Mohamed Hefni's avatar Mohamed Hefni [EGY] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
91Wael Lotfy's avatar Wael Lotfy [EGY] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
92Mohammed Alami's avatar Mohammed Alami [FRA] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
93Mohammed Khalil's avatar Mohammed Khalil [LBN] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
94Hiba Deek's avatar Hiba Deek [LBN] 1.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
95Khaled Nabil's avatar Khaled Nabil [EGY] 3.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
96Haseen Khan's avatar Haseen Khan [LKA] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
97Arturo Pornela's avatar Arturo Pornela [PHL] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
98Alciney Miranda's avatar Alciney Miranda [BRA] 3.5 M/T Sharjah & Ajman00000.0
99Gian Luca's avatar Gian Luca [ITA] 5.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
100Fadi Atallah's avatar Fadi Atallah [CAN] 4.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
101Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [IND] 3.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
102Hisham Ali's avatar Hisham Ali [SYR] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
103Leon Alexander's avatar Leon Alexander [IND] 4.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
104Akoijam Korounganba's avatar Akoijam Korounganba [IND] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
105Johnson Abraham's avatar Johnson Abraham [IND] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
106Abdel Khan's avatar Abdel Khan [TTO] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
107Medo Medo's avatar Medo Medo [EGY] 2.0 M/T Sharjah & Ajman00000.0
108Sattar Shamous's avatar Sattar Shamous [IRN] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
109Neil Thompson's avatar Neil Thompson 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
110Wasfi Tayara's avatar Wasfi Tayara [SYR] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
111Asif Ahammed's avatar Asif Ahammed [IND] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
112Miguel Velez's avatar Miguel Velez [MEX] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
113Derouiche Salah's avatar Derouiche Salah [TUN] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
114ciao ciao's avatar ciao ciao [ISL] 5.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
115Ehab Arnous's avatar Ehab Arnous [SYR] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
116Partha Sarathi Roy's avatar Partha Sarathi Roy [IND] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
117Nabeel Ahmed's avatar Nabeel Ahmed 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
118Jacob Joby's avatar Jacob Joby [ARE] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
119Yogesh Kulkarni's avatar Yogesh Kulkarni [IND] 4.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
120Samer Aburahma's avatar Samer Aburahma [DZA] 5.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
121Ahmed Gabriel's avatar Ahmed Gabriel [EGY] 4.0 M/T 3 Dubai00000.0
122Chady Chlela's avatar Chady Chlela [FRA] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
123Mutaz Agha's avatar Mutaz Agha [PSE] 4.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
124Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [IND] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
125Miguel Tan's avatar Miguel Tan [PHL] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
126Amro Emam's avatar Amro Emam [EGY] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
127Simmon Niño Absin's avatar Simmon Niño Absin [PHL] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
128Lindley Paja's avatar Lindley Paja [PHL] 2.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
129Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [IND] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
130Yas Bouya's avatar Yas Bouya [MAR] 6.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
131Arnold Gadon's avatar Arnold Gadon [PHL] 2.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
132Islam Fekry's avatar Islam Fekry [EGY] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
134Thomas BIKE's avatar Thomas BIKE [FRA] 3.0 T Dubai00000.0
135Benjamin Milleret's avatar Benjamin Milleret [FRA] 4.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
136Clara Osan's avatar Clara Osan [ROU] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
137Kuba Abdiev's avatar Kuba Abdiev [KGZ] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
138Raymond Pagba's avatar Raymond Pagba [PHL] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
139Ahmed Zaghal's avatar Ahmed Zaghal [JOR] 3.0 M/T 2 Dubai00000.0
140Mohamad Hussin's avatar Mohamad Hussin [JOR] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
141Andrew Aragon's avatar Andrew Aragon [PHL] 3.0 T Dubai00000.0
142Tihomir Davchev's avatar Tihomir Davchev [MKD] 5.0 M/T Muscat00000.0
143Alex McKay's avatar Alex McKay 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
144Nelson Palencia's avatar Nelson Palencia [PHL] 2.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
145Andy Godden's avatar Andy Godden [GBR] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
146Ananth Srivatsa's avatar Ananth Srivatsa [IND] 3.0 T Dubai00000.0
147Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [ITA] 2.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
148Govind Singh's avatar Govind Singh [IND] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
149Rabih Hamouche's avatar Rabih Hamouche [LBN] 4.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
150Zahin Zaman's avatar Zahin Zaman [PAK] 4.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
151Mohamed Bouassida's avatar Mohamed Bouassida [TUN] 5.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
152Nickolay Mishkin's avatar Nickolay Mishkin [UKR] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
153Raygan Peñano's avatar Raygan Peñano [PHL] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
154Abdukhalikov Syrym's avatar Abdukhalikov Syrym [KAZ] 7.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
155Rene Steve Ucag's avatar Rene Steve Ucag [PHL] 3.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
156Jheyson Anchapaxi's avatar Jheyson Anchapaxi [ECU] 3.5 M/T London00000.0
157Tom Foley's avatar Tom Foley [IRL] 3.5 M/T 5 Dubai00000.0
158Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [IND] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
159Mehul Menghar's avatar Mehul Menghar [IND] 3.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
160Naim Bouyahya's avatar Naim Bouyahya [MAR] 5.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
161Ahmed Kabour's avatar Ahmed Kabour [SYR] 2.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
162Ramil Ahmadov's avatar Ramil Ahmadov [AZE] 3.5 M/T London00000.0
163Vicky Zaina's avatar Vicky Zaina [PHL] 3.0 M/T Sharjah & Ajman00000.0
164Meliza Cabrera's avatar Meliza Cabrera [PHL] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
165Maddalena Cipriani's avatar Maddalena Cipriani [ITA] 2.5 T GE - Genova00000.0
166Chiara Vergottini's avatar Chiara Vergottini [ITA] 3.5 M/T GE - Genova00000.0
167Francesca Barbieri's avatar Francesca Barbieri [ITA] 3.0 M/T GE - Genova00000.0
168Roberto Saavedra's avatar Roberto Saavedra [PHL] 6.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
169Andre Persad's avatar Andre Persad [TTO] 4.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
170Alessandro Iorio's avatar Alessandro Iorio [ITA] 6.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
171Anurag Topno's avatar Anurag Topno [IND] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
172Mustaneer Shaikh's avatar Mustaneer Shaikh [IND] 2.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
173Rain Lutjens's avatar Rain Lutjens [ZAF] 6.0 T Dubai00000.0
174Ahmed Hassanien's avatar Ahmed Hassanien [EGY] 4.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
175Lohith Devadiga's avatar Lohith Devadiga [IND] 2.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
176Fabrizio Parodi's avatar Fabrizio Parodi [ITA] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
177Paul David Roy's avatar Paul David Roy [CAN] 4.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
178Mohammed Riaz's avatar Mohammed Riaz [IND] 3.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
179Owen Barry's avatar Inactive User [IRL] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
180Raj Visshnu  Selvakumaar's avatar Raj Visshnu Selvakumaar [IND] 6.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
181Marcel Cenia's avatar Marcel Cenia [DEU] 3.0 T Dubai00000.0
182Elmer Buguina's avatar Elmer Buguina [PHL] 4.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
183Karim Nahas's avatar Karim Nahas [EGY] 4.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
184Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [AZE] 3.5 T Abu Dhabi00000.0
185Ace Labuac's avatar Ace Labuac [PHL] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
186Kaye Smith's avatar Kaye Smith 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
187Wally Duella's avatar Wally Duella [ITA] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
188Obasanjo Edeki's avatar Obasanjo Edeki 4.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
189Nemanja Stankovic's avatar Nemanja Stankovic [ESP] 6.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
190Danilo Castello's avatar Danilo Castello [ITA] 4.0 M/T GE - Genova00000.0
191Sandro Rovella's avatar Sandro Rovella [ITA] 2.0 M/T PI - Pisa00000.0
192Gio Dilon's avatar Gio Dilon [ITA] 1.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
193Davide Di Spirito's avatar Davide Di Spirito [ITA] 1.0 M/T GE - Genova00000.0
194Gontrix Di Santo's avatar Gontrix Di Santo [ITA] 4.0 M/T PI - Pisa00000.0
195Ciro Alabrese's avatar Ciro Alabrese [ITA] 3.0 M/T PI - Pisa00000.0
196Alberto Zecchin's avatar Alberto Zecchin [ITA] 5.0 M/T 2 GE - Genova00000.0
197Benediktas Paulikas's avatar Benediktas Paulikas [LTU] 1.0 T Sharjah & Ajman00000.0
198Walter B.'s avatar Walter B. [ITA] 3.5 T 8 AL - Acqui Terme00000.0
199Masagung Nugroho's avatar Masagung Nugroho [IDN] 4.5 M/T Kuala Lumpur00000.0
200Fabien J.'s avatar Fabien J. [FRA] 4.0 M/T Kuala Lumpur00000.0