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#Tennis playerLocationPlayedWonLost% WinsPoints
1Leslie Torres's avatar Leslie Torres [PHL] 2.0 M/T Doha22010015.0
2Jean Kee's avatar Jean Kee [PHL] 2.0 M/T Doha4132510.8
3Vasiu Dorina's avatar Vasiu Dorina [ROU] 2.5 M/T Deva11010010.0
4Marcella FactorAtoZ's avatar Marcella FactorAtoZ [PHL] 3.0 M/T Doha211507.5
5Papus Garcia's avatar Papus Garcia [PHL] 2.0 M/T Doha1101005.0
6Antonela Oniciuc's avatar Antonela Oniciuc [ROU] 3.5 M/T Deva10104.0
7Rochelle Jores's avatar Rochelle Jores [PHL] 3.0 M/T Doha10102.0
8Veronica Boswell's avatar Veronica Boswell [USA] 3.0 M/T CA - Riverside00000.0
9Alev Maras's avatar Alev Maras [GBR] 4.5 M/T Izmir00000.0
10Michaela P.'s avatar Michaela P. [USA] 2.5 M/T DC - Washington00000.0
11Krystal Lee's avatar Krystal Lee [AUS] 3.0 M/T Queensland00000.0
12Li Chen's avatar Li Chen [CHN] 4.0 M/T NY - New York00000.0
13Ayan Ajanaku's avatar Ayan Ajanaku [ESP] 4.0 M/T Sevilla00000.0
14Jessica Maurer's avatar Jessica Maurer [USA] 3.0 M/T MN - Minneapolis00000.0
15Jill O's avatar Jill O [USA] 3.5 M/T NY - New York00000.0
16Esen Yuksel's avatar Esen Yuksel [TUR] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
17Amel Amer's avatar Amel Amer [IRQ] 1.0 M/T Karbala00000.0
18Sofia Govorusa's avatar Sofia Govorusa [GBR] 6.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
19Gwen Tan's avatar Gwen Tan [SGP] 4.0 M/T Fujairah00000.0
20Dina Bustami's avatar Dina Bustami [JOR] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
21Minda Coe's avatar Minda Coe [USA] 3.5 M/T NC - Raleigh00000.0
22Louisa Milne's avatar Louisa Milne [GBR] 3.0 M/T GE - Genova00000.0
23Lea Pilot's avatar Lea Pilot [PHL] 1.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
24Patricia Sommer's avatar Patricia Sommer [DEU] 5.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
25Anna Tish's avatar Anna Tish [BLR] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
26Alieva Burliiat's avatar Alieva Burliiat [RUS] 3.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
27Sarah Saleh's avatar Sarah Saleh [PAK] 1.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
28Lola Nobiron's avatar Lola Nobiron [FRA] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
29Joshna Reddy's avatar Joshna Reddy [IND] 5.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
30K T's avatar K T [IND] 2.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
31Jelena Bo's avatar Jelena Bo [SRB] 5.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
32Egizia Marcellini's avatar Egizia Marcellini [ITA] 4.5 M/T UD - Tolmezzo00000.0
33Adina Bolfă's avatar Adina Bolfă [ROU] 4.0 M/T Al Ain00000.0
34Jacqui Morris's avatar Jacqui Morris [GBR] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
35Jyoti Motwani's avatar Jyoti Motwani [IND] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
36Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [IND] 4.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
37Alexandra Lazar's avatar Alexandra Lazar [ROU] 1.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
38Mimi Maalouly's avatar Mimi Maalouly [USA] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
39Sa Yuki's avatar Sa Yuki [JPN] 1.5 M/T Doha00000.0
40Grace Sebastian's avatar Grace Sebastian [PHL] 2.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
41Lenka Zidkova's avatar Lenka Zidkova [CZE] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
42Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [USA] 3.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
43Giulia Tondo's avatar Giulia Tondo [ITA] 3.5 M/T UD - Tolmezzo00000.0
44Philippine Charlet's avatar Philippine Charlet [FRA] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
45Ana Ticas's avatar Ana Ticas [SLV] 2.5 M/T Al Wakrah00000.0
46Annabel Aldepolla's avatar Annabel Aldepolla [PHL] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
47Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [IND] 2.5 T Dubai00000.0
48Dimple Soni's avatar Dimple Soni [IND] 2.0 M/T Sharjah & Ajman00000.0
49Malena Aldebjer's avatar Malena Aldebjer [SWE] 2.0 M/T Doha00000.0
50Sofia G's avatar Sofia G 4.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
51Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [IND] 2.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
52Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [PHL] 3.0 M/T Manama00000.0
53Rozaira Pangilinan's avatar Rozaira Pangilinan [PHL] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
54Dounia Ibrahim's avatar Dounia Ibrahim [FRA] 1.5 M/T Jeddah00000.0
55Donnabelle Lapuz's avatar Inactive User [PHL] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
56MC Bensan's avatar MC Bensan [PHL] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
57Neelofar Ikram's avatar Neelofar Ikram [PAK] 1.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
58M K's avatar M K [SAU] 1.0 M/T Riyadh00000.0
59Suha Ashour's avatar Suha Ashour [EGY] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
60Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [USA] 4.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
61Dani Mostoro's avatar Dani Mostoro [ARM] 3.0 M/T Doha00000.0
62Rashi D's avatar Rashi D [IND] 4.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
63Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [LBN] 2.0 M/T Riyadh00000.0
64Hanan Ali's avatar Hanan Ali [SAU] 1.0 M/T Riyadh00000.0
65Anusha David's avatar Anusha David [USA] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
66Maha Sh's avatar Maha Sh [PSE] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
67Wendy Ackers's avatar Wendy Ackers [NZL] 2.5 M/T Riyadh00000.0
68Natalia Remmer's avatar Natalia Remmer [RUS] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
69Veronika Jenko's avatar Veronika Jenko [AUT] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
70Loredana Davalos's avatar Loredana Davalos [ECU] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
71Nesrin Amin's avatar Nesrin Amin [EGY] 2.5 M/T Sharjah & Ajman00000.0
72Renelyn Parcon's avatar Renelyn Parcon [PHL] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
73Jing Corrales's avatar Jing Corrales [PHL] 5.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
74Marielleth Dumlao's avatar Marielleth Dumlao [PHL] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
75Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [PHL] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
76Bai Xue's avatar Bai Xue [CHN] 1.0 M/T Shaanxi00000.0
77Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [SAU] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
78Imsha Jawad's avatar Imsha Jawad [PAK] 5.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
79Khadiyjah Munir's avatar Khadiyjah Munir [USA] 3.0 M/T Jeddah00000.0
80Franz Osorio's avatar Franz Osorio [PHL] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
81Donna Lapuz's avatar Donna Lapuz [PHL] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
82Liubov Slovtsova's avatar Liubov Slovtsova [UKR] 6.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
83Ellie Ana Te's avatar Ellie Ana Te [PHL] 2.5 M/T Doha00000.0
84Jihye Lee's avatar Jihye Lee [KOR] 1.5 M/T Doha00000.0
85Aisha D.'s avatar Aisha D. [KAZ] 1.0 M/T Doha00000.0
86Maricor Cojnob's avatar Maricor Cojnob [PHL] 2.0 M/T Riyadh00000.0
87Ellie Ana Te's avatar Ellie Ana Te [PHL] 2.5 M/T Doha00000.0
88Eli Elijay's avatar Eli Elijay [PHL] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
89Karla De Rivera's avatar Karla De Rivera [PHL] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
90Sara Wael's avatar Sara Wael [EGY] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
91Aisha Dan's avatar Aisha Dan [KAZ] 1.5 M/T Doha00000.0
92Loveth Donatus's avatar Loveth Donatus [NGA] 5.0 M/T Abuja00000.0
93Priyanka Patwal's avatar Priyanka Patwal [IND] 5.0 M/T Manama00000.0
94Ihuoma Ekebuike's avatar Ihuoma Ekebuike [NGA] 2.0 M/T Enugu00000.0
95Rumbi Anne Gumbie's avatar Rumbi Anne Gumbie 3.0 M/T Jeddah00000.0
96Daniela Botas's avatar Daniela Botas [ROU] 4.0 M/T Deva00000.0
97Stephanie Hegarty's avatar Stephanie Hegarty 4.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
98Cristina Ratoi's avatar Cristina Ratoi [ROU] 4.0 M/T Deva00000.0
99Mignea Cristina's avatar Mignea Cristina [ROU] 2.0 M/T Deva00000.0
100Tanja Ridwan's avatar Tanja Ridwan [SYR] 2.0 M/T Doha00000.0
101Anne Reiser's avatar Anne Reiser [FRA] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
102Ellin Wang's avatar Ellin Wang [CHN] 1.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
103Rachel Price's avatar Rachel Price 1.0 M/T Doha00000.0
104Anu Rang's avatar Anu Rang [IND] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
105Stephanie Ross's avatar Stephanie Ross [PAN] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
106Archana Upendran's avatar Archana Upendran [IND] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
107Elena Kramarenko's avatar Elena Kramarenko [IRL] 2.0 M/T Dublin00000.0
108Utari Hutton's avatar Utari Hutton 4.0 M/T Stowmarket00000.0
109Selma Brahimi's avatar Selma Brahimi [DZA] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
110Jihye Lee's avatar Jihye Lee [KOR] 1.0 M/T Doha00000.0
111Rai Sengupta's avatar Rai Sengupta [IND] 5.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
112Valeriya Aksenova's avatar Valeriya Aksenova [RUS] 5.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
113Myla Pablo's avatar Myla Pablo [PHL] 1.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
114U. L.'s avatar U. L. [LTU] 4.0 M/T Sharjah & Ajman00000.0
115Michelle Stacy's avatar Michelle Stacy [USA] 3.5 M/T Lagos00000.0
116Chloe A's avatar Chloe A [GBR] 3.0 M/T Doha00000.0
117Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [RUS] 5.0 M/T Doha00000.0
118Austranina Campos's avatar Austranina Campos [PHL] 2.5 M/T Muscat00000.0
119Hazel Whitehead's avatar Hazel Whitehead 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
120Kseniya Barashkova's avatar Kseniya Barashkova [RUS] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
121Olya Malynovska's avatar Olya Malynovska [UKR] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
122Sandra Žebrauskaitė's avatar Sandra Žebrauskaitė [LTU] 2.0 M/T Sharjah & Ajman00000.0
123Sara Wael's avatar Sara Wael [EGY] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
124Jennifer Cook's avatar Jennifer Cook [USA] 4.5 M/T Abuja00000.0
125Arlyn Torralba's avatar Arlyn Torralba [PHL] 4.0 M/T Muscat00000.0
126Tom Azetrec's avatar Tom Azetrec [PHL] 2.0 M/T Riyadh00000.0
127Reem Saba's avatar Reem Saba [LBN] 2.5 M/T Jeddah00000.0
128Wendy Li's avatar Wendy Li [CHN] 1.5 M/T Abuja00000.0
129Jirapha Souza's avatar Jirapha Souza [THA] 3.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
130Aine Heylin's avatar Aine Heylin [IRL] 5.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
131Michelle Ann's avatar Michelle Ann [PHL] 1.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
132Anne Linde Van Bemmel's avatar Anne Linde Van Bemmel [NLD] 2.5 M/T Lagos00000.0
133Catherine Hue's avatar Catherine Hue [FRA] 4.0 M/T Abuja00000.0
134Tom Certeza's avatar Tom Certeza [PHL] 2.0 M/T Riyadh00000.0
135Riin Valdur's avatar Riin Valdur [EST] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
136Dayana Naccache's avatar Dayana Naccache [LBN] 1.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
137Alica Tkáčová's avatar Alica Tkáčová [SVK] 2.0 M/T Muscat00000.0
138Priyanka Rawat Patwal's avatar Priyanka Rawat Patwal [IND] 6.0 M/T Manama00000.0
139Zola Bell's avatar Zola Bell [DZA] 1.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
140Anna Czaplicka's avatar Anna Czaplicka [POL] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
141Ola Omar's avatar Ola Omar [EGY] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
142Rachel Hoyt's avatar Rachel Hoyt [USA] 2.0 M/T Sur00000.0
143Divya B.'s avatar Divya B. [IND] 1.0 M/T Manama00000.0
144Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [IND] 1.0 M/T Sharjah & Ajman00000.0
145Dona Doux's avatar Dona Doux [FRA] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
146Arina D's avatar Arina D [RUS] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
147Kasandra Garciano's avatar Kasandra Garciano [PHL] 1.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
148Angela Nikolovska's avatar Angela Nikolovska [MKD] 3.5 M/T Doha00000.0
149Nisreen Hamdi's avatar Nisreen Hamdi [EGY] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
150Burcin Baskaya's avatar Burcin Baskaya [TUR] 2.0 M/T Doha00000.0
151Rejane Roux's avatar Rejane Roux [ZAF] 2.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
152Nagla Fathy's avatar Nagla Fathy [EGY] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
153Irina Babenko's avatar Irina Babenko [UKR] 3.0 M/T Doha00000.0
154Jocelyn Isayas's avatar Jocelyn Isayas [PHL] 1.0 M/T Sharjah & Ajman00000.0
155Nermeen Roshdy`'s avatar Nermeen Roshdy` [EGY] 1.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
156Ghada Abdulla's avatar Ghada Abdulla [JOR] 2.0 M/T Riyadh00000.0
157Bushra Najam's avatar Bushra Najam [PAK] 3.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
158Olga Chernova's avatar Olga Chernova [UKR] 1.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
159Ariane Nouchi's avatar Ariane Nouchi [FRA] 5.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
160Feriel Mechti's avatar Feriel Mechti [CAN] 5.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
161Subra Shan's avatar Subra Shan [LKA] 3.0 M/T ON - Toronto00000.0
162Penny Lou Casilac's avatar Penny Lou Casilac [PHL] 1.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
163Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [IND] 1.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
164Lise Mengolo's avatar Lise Mengolo [FRA] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
165Lama Yamout's avatar Lama Yamout [LBN] 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
166Abeer Fadda's avatar Abeer Fadda [BEL] 2.5 M/T Doha00000.0
167MJ ...'s avatar MJ ... [ARE] 1.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
168Galina Venikova's avatar Galina Venikova [RUS] 2.0 T Dubai00000.0
169Ayu Mashita's avatar Ayu Mashita [IDN] 2.0 M/T Riyadh00000.0
170Simi VA's avatar Simi VA [IND] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
171Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [JOR] 2.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
172Kate Yum's avatar Kate Yum [KOR] 2.0 M/T Doha00000.0
173Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [SWE] 6.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
174Maricel Ramos's avatar Maricel Ramos [PHL] 3.0 M/T Doha00000.0
175Imsha Jawad's avatar Imsha Jawad [PAK] 4.5 M/T Sharjah & Ajman00000.0
176Ena Khair's avatar Ena Khair [SDN] 1.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
177Tanin Sultana's avatar Tanin Sultana [BGD] 1.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
178Maryam Alshamsi's avatar Maryam Alshamsi [ARE] 1.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
179Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [GBR] 5.0 M/T Doha00000.0
180Poojitha Lakshman's avatar Poojitha Lakshman [IND] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
181Irina Pechernikova's avatar Irina Pechernikova [RUS] 4.0 M/T Doha00000.0
182Aliye ...'s avatar Aliye ... [TUR] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
183Anne Ancog's avatar Anne Ancog [PHL] 1.0 M/T Doha00000.0
184Sandra Batista's avatar Sandra Batista [USA] 2.5 M/T Umm Salal00000.0
185Farah Nanji's avatar Farah Nanji 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
186Kadija Eddahbi's avatar Kadija Eddahbi [FRA] 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
187Ayah M.'s avatar Ayah M. [SYR] 1.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
188Rokaya Dima's avatar Rokaya Dima [FRA] 3.5 M/T Doha00000.0
189Janice Ocanada's avatar Janice Ocanada [PHL] 1.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
190May Grace Dela Cruz's avatar May Grace Dela Cruz [PHL] 1.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
191Niki Jones's avatar Niki Jones 2.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
192Reens Lalvani's avatar Reens Lalvani 3.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
193Rowenda Rosales's avatar Rowenda Rosales [PHL] 2.5 M/T Doha00000.0
194Kan Nac's avatar Kan Nac [IND] 2.5 M/T TX - Houston00000.0
195Christina Choufani's avatar Christina Choufani [LBN] 3.0 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
196Joanna Yu's avatar Joanna Yu [CHN] 1.5 M/T Doha00000.0
197AJ MEYLÉ's avatar AJ MEYLÉ [FRA] 4.0 M/T Dubai00000.0
198Hiba Deek's avatar Hiba Deek [LBN] 1.5 M/T Dubai00000.0
199Inactive User's avatar Inactive User [IND] 3.5 M/T Abu Dhabi00000.0
200Clara Osan's avatar Clara Osan [ROU] 3.0 M/T Dubai00000.0